J.R. Engineering
J.R. Engineering


b. 1986, HK.


Electron Tubes (photomultipliers)

B/E Aerospace Seating Products Div.

Cobham Defense Communications

Cobham Antenna Systems (aircraft antenna)

Anritsu European Measurements Div. (microwave equipment)

M.G.R. Manufacturing (aircraft interiors)

Bright Instrument Co. (medical equipment)

TMD Technologies (microwavedevices)

Flight Equipment (aircraft seating)

Corac Group (air compressors and gas seals)

Coopers Antennas

SFD Inspired Retail Developments

Plexus Product Realization


J.R. Engineering was formed in 1982 to offer a technical and professional manufacturing facility to the Aircraft, Defence & Commercial industries.

We are an expanding company operating within ISO9000 requirements, with CAD/CAM facilities .Our experience extends into design, development and final production of components in most materials but primarily light alloys and plastics.

It has always been our policy to undertake the difficult as well as the merely profitable projects and through close relationships with our customers, to bring them to a satisfactory completion.